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  • Microfluidics - embedded within the cartridge; no moving mechanical parts

  • No fluids within the instrument; all reagents and sample contained within the cartridge

  • Sample-to-answer: within 15 - 20 minutes

  • Rapid isothermal DNA /RNA amplification


  • Low cost carbon array for electronic manipulation of target/reagents

  • Low cost: per sample and instrument cost

  • 1-2 minutes hands-on time, fully automated

  • Low complexity platform, targeting walk-in clinics, doctor's offices, small hospitals, and emergency rooms


  • Introducing  Point-of-Care DNA diagnostics to veterinary clinics

Assay Performance:

 - 4 simple steps in the automated protocol that minimize user errors

Rapid DNA Molecular Diagnostics Platform with single cartridge use

Use arrows to view assay performance steps


Rapid DNA Sample Preparation system for 24 samples

Open Platform:

 - user prepared reagents or other commercial kits can be used on the system

  • DNA extraction completed within 6-12 minutes for 24 samples

  • Extraction efficiency comparable or exceeding the leading kits on the market

  • Uniquely combines chemical, mechanical, and enzymatic processes for efficient lysis 

  • Sample types tested successfully: whole blood, swabs, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, nasopharyngeal lavages, bronchoalveoral lavages, endotracheal aspirates, tissue samples, insects 

  • Low cost: per sample and instrument cost

  • Open protocols platform accepting user reagents and protocols

  • Targeting all molecular biology R&D, medical, clinical laboratories

  • Reagent kits for generic sample preparation and DNA/RNA extraction are available separately

Nexi-SP Reagent Kits

Nexi-SP DNA Extraction Reagent kits also operate using standard bench equipment and can be ordered separately


6 cartridge DNA/RNA Molecular Diagnostics System - Sample-to-Answer

Developed in partnership with:

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  • Sample-to-Answer System for 6 cartridges

  • DNA/RNA extraction, PCR amplification and fluorescence detection within 45-90 minutes, depending on the assay type

  • Carbon Array Technology enables up to 100 analytes per test

  • Electrophoretic, active accumulation of DNA targets enables hybridization to specific probes within minutes compared to hours or overnight binding on passive arrays

  • Random Access - 3 assays run independently and simultaneously

  • Up to two cartridges (samples) per assay run

  • 2 minutes hands-on time

  • Assay panels for human infectious, emergent and travellers' diseases (in partnership, see below)

  • Veterinary diagnostics assays 

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