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  • Nexogen focuses on the development and commercialization of disruptive technologies that bring low cost, rapid detection platforms to point-of-care diagnostics in human and animal clinics. 


  • Three microfluidics platforms have been developed to enable integration of sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification, and fluorescence detection of DNA/RNA in instrument platforms targeting different sample throughput.

  • The platforms integrate: (i) an efficient sample preparation based on combining chemical, enzymatic and mechanical lysis; (ii) a rapid DNA/RNA amplification including PCR and isothermal amplification reactions, and (iii) an accelerated electrophoretic accumulation of DNA/RNA in an array format.

Array Technologies

  • Electrokinetically enhanced accumulation of DNA/RNA targets on an electrode array and/or  on an array of well detection chambers

  • Carbon Array Technology - low cost, screen printed arrays of electrodes accelerate target accumulation, so the hybridization to specific probes occur within minutes, compared to hours in passive microarrays

  • Manufacturing technology is as simple as in the glucose sensors, using similar screen printed inks

Sample Preparation

  • The proprietary DNA extraction method combines mechanical, enzymatic, and chemical lysis of nucleic acids 

  • DNA/RNA extraction efficiency is comparable or exceeds current reagents / kits on the market

  • Sample preparation is completed within 6-8 minutes

Assays and Reagent Kits

  • To promote our instrument/cartridge platforms worldwide, we develop assays and assay kits through collaborative ventures offered to partners interested in point-of-care DNA diagnostics 

  • The assays target point-of-use, decentralized and field application markets, as well as R&D and educational molecular biology laboratories

  • One of our market niche interests is veterinary diagnostics of infectious diseases  including pet clinics, high-end equine assays of interest, avian diseases, high consequence bovine, poultry, and swine diseases on farms

  • Panel assays for: (i) hospital acquired infections; (ii) respiratory viral panels; and (iii) emerging traveller panels, are developed through partnerships

  • Reagent kits are available for generic sample preparation protocols for extraction of DNA from various samples

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